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I have always had a passion for music. Early on as a child my father and mother were big into music. We would sit and listen to records for hours. I received a toy turntable for my 2nd birthday and was often caught with my father’s headphones on, engulfed in musical bliss. 

Throughout my life I began collecting tapes and then graduated to buying CDs. Upon going to college at Eastern Washington University, I made sure to bring all of my music and small stereo set up that I had put together with me. I was always the one on the resident floor playing music and entertaining. During my sophomore year in college, the director of the dorm wanted to throw a Halloween Party and I was elected to be the DJ. This was a monumental night! At that event I was given the name DJ Midnight Mike. From that Halloween night in Morrison Hall in 1996, the DJ love grew wildly. Fraternity and house parties eventually exploded into working at my first bar in our small college town. 

Those experiences years ago eventually grew into bigger and better events. I added weddings and corporate events to my arsenal of talents, never shying away from the one thing that truly ignited me, serving and entertaining people with music. Your party is truly my passion! I treat every event like it’s another opportunity to bring together people with music, provoking smiles and community. Let me help you spark a flame to your special event!


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